L.E. Beckingham


I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan enjoying the beauty of the Great Lakes and all four seasons, even winter! After high school, I started as a undergraduate at the University of Michigan. While in Ann Arbor, I developed a love for Michigan football and had my first experiences in engineering. During the spring of my sophomore year, I ended up in the introduction to environmental engineering class as a civil engineer and felt I had finally found a fit! At the time, the only undergraduate option to pursue environmental engineering was through elective courses in the Civil Engineering department. While I enjoyed finite element analysis and the department community, I felt the need to dive deeper into environmental engineering. This led me to transfer in January 2005 to Michigan Technological University in beautiful, albeit frigid, Houghton, MI. This ended up being a great choice for me academically and personally and my experiences inspired me to pursue graduate school. In 2007, I moved to New Jersey to begin as a PhD student with Dr. Catherine A. Peters in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Princeton University. Upon completion of my PhD in 2012, I moved to Berkeley, CA to begin a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as part of the EFRC for the Nanoscale Control of Geologic CO2. In January 2016, I joined the Civil Engineering Department at Auburn University as an Assistant Professor.

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