WRISES group August 2017
Group photo at the 2017 B^2 BBQ (from left: Lauren, Ishan, Jeff, Fanqi, Chidera, Josh, Jacob)

Currently recruiting masters and PhD students! If you are interested, please contact me to talk further about the potential opportunities.

Current Graduate Students

Ishan Anjikar, Civil Engineering MS student

Ishan started his MS at Auburn in Fall 2017.

Chidera AGU 2017Chidera Iloejesi, Civil Enginering PhD student

Chidera started his PhD at Auburn University in Fall 2017.




Fanqi Qin, Civil Engineering PhD student

Fanqi graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in China in 2015 and started as PhD student in Fall 2016. His current research is focused on CO2 mineralization in geological formations, how CO2 interacts with brine and different minerals, and the potential alteration it may bring on rock properties including porosity and permeability.

Jeff AGU 2017Jeffrey Steinwinder, Civil Engineering MS student

Jeff graduated from Mississippi State University in 2016 and started as a MS student in Fall 2017. His current research is focused on porosity-permeability evolution and impacts of pore and throat size distributions on macroscopic porosity-permeability relationships.




Current Undergraduate Students

Jacob Bensinger, Civil Engineering Undergraduate

Casey Mullett, Biosystems Engineering Undergraduate

Casey is a senior in Biosystems Engineering with a focus in Ecology and minoring in Nuclear Power Generation Systems. Her interests include sustainability, alternative energies, and environmental work. Her current research is focused on disposal of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants and how that waste may interact with its potential disposal site.


Former Group Members

Sam Jones Profile 2Sam Jones, Civil Engineering Undergraduate (anticipated graduation May 2018)




Whitley_JoshJoshua Whitley, Civil Engineering BSE 2017

Undergraduate research student, 2017




Ayers Photo_croppedMeredith Ayers, Civil Engineering BSE 2017

Undergraduate Research Fellow 2016-2017

Current: Graduate student, Auburn University