Currently recruiting masters and PhD students! If you are interested, please contact me to talk further about the potential opportunities.

Current Students

Fanqi Qin, Civil Engineering PhD student

Fanqi graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in China in 2015 and started as PhD student in Fall 2016. His previous research experience included the removal effect of heavy metal in sewage sludge with saponin and citric acid and development of a permeability reactive barrier material for mine polluted groundwater.


Jacob Bensinger, Civil Engineering Undergraduate


Sam Jones Profile 2Sam Jones, Civil Engineering Undergraduate (anticipated graduation May 2018)

Sam is a senior in Civil Engineering, interested in environmental and hydraulic engineering. His current research interest is renewable energy storage with a focus in geological subsurface sites.



Casey Mullett, Biosystems Engineering Undergraduate


Joshua Whitley, Civil Engineering Undergraduate


Former Group Members

Ayers Photo_cropped
Meredith Ayers

Undergraduate Research Fellow 2016-2017

Current: Civil Engineering undergraduate, anticipated graduation May 2017