New classes for Fall 2017!

CIVL 5970/6970 Energy and the Environment

Description: Environmental engineers play a unique role in engineering a sustainable energy future. This course will focus on current issues in energy consumption and its environmental impact. Along with traditional fossil fuels, this course will discuss nuclear energy and waste disposal, renewable energy systems (eg. solar, wind, hydroelectric), energy conservation, global warming, CO2 control and energy storage.

Objectives: After this course, the student should be (1) competent in the environmental consequences of different forms of energy and technical solutions, (2) able to apply this competence to assess energy systems and combinations, and (3) understand basic scientific and engineering profiles pertinent in energy systems.

CIVL 7970 Emerging Issues in Environmental Engineering

Description: The role of environmental engineers in society has shifted over time, from the design of water and waste water treatment plants to environmental site remediation and more as new challenges become apparent. Now, more than ever, environmental engineers are needed to take a leading role in developing engineering solutions to ensure human and environmental health. This course is designed to introduce students to some of the emerging environmental engineering issues through exposure to and analysis of scientific literature, interactive discussions, and analytical thinking.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to: 1) Describe emerging issues where environmental engineers will play a critical role; 2) Acquire basic understanding of the corresponding underlying scientific and engineering principles of an environmental problem; 3) Research, develop, and write a focused scientific literature review; 4) Lead a scientific discussion and formulate discussion prompts.


CIVL 3230: Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 recipients of the People’s Choice awards, Joshua Adamson, Maddie Lamere, Sam Jones, and Mary Rickmeyer! Click on the  image above to see each poster in detail.


John Portal, Spring 2016


John Portal, E-waste Leads to Lead in Our Groundwater, Spring 2016 (click to see larger)






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